Thursday, January 1, 2015

Curling up with a Good Book!

A dear old high school friend, whom I haven't seen since the Reagan administration, just posted this photo--wherein she is curled up on her couch, reading Erin's Ring--on Facebook, with the caption: "This pajama fest I have going on includes slippers and a warm blanket, football, coffee and Kahlua and a really sweet story that I can't seem to put down!  #Erinsring #myfriendcanwrite."
Doesn't this look like the most relaxing way ever to spend New Year's day?  I want to hop into this picture and hug this wonderful, loyal, supportive friend! (#feelingblessed)

And doesn't this cozy scene make you want to head on over to Amazon and order your very own copy of Erin's Ring with which to curl up?  (Or perhaps you could contact me via email, if you'd like to have me send you a signed copy.  Just click over to String of Pearls and find the "EMAIL ME" button on the sidebar.)

That could be one of your New Year's resolutions: to read more Catholic fiction in 2015.  And Erin's Ring might be a good place to start!  ;)

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