Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Book Giveaway, in Honor of National Library Week

In honor of National Library Week, I'm going to give away one copy of each of my novels (you can enter to win here at The Write Stuff, and over at String of Pearls, too).

Tuesday April 14 is "National Library Workers Day," and I thought that was a perfect reason to give away a copy of Erin's Ring--a book that features the public library and a kindly and helpful librarian who works there.  If you win, perhaps you could give it to a special librarian in your life as a gift (or then again, you could keep it and share it with your favorite reader, middle school-aged and up).

Thursday April 16 is "Celebrate Teen Literature Day," and I thought that was a perfect reason to give away a copy of Finding Grace--a book that I wrote with high school-aged readers in mind.  If you win, perhaps you could give it to your favorite teen as a gift (or your favorite adult, for that matter!).

To enter the giveaway: leave me a comment anytime between now and Saturday April 18.  In your comment, let me know which of the two titles you would prefer to win.  It's a short window of opportunity, so if you want to throw your name into the hat, don't shilly-shally!
I look forward to your comments, fellow bookworms!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Review of Finding Grace at Epihpanies of Beauty

My new on-line writing friend Christine was kind enough to read and review Finding Grace a while back.  Although she felt it was very long (and might have been better as three separate books instead of one), she had some very kind things to say.  I value her opinion, as she writes a blog that is solely dedicated to Catholic writing.   You can read Christine's review here.

(I should think about sending Christine a copy of Erin's Ring for review as well--I can't help but wonder if the shorter length and narrower scope of it might be more to her liking.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A New Review of Erin's Ring, by Kari Burke

Catholic blogger and novelist Kari Burke (author of the wonderful pro-life novel The Life I Dreamed) recently posted a review of Erin's Ring on her blog, From My Catholic Perspective.

Thanks so much, Kari!  I am humbled and touched by your kind words, and so glad you feel that it's a book you can enjoy along with your daughters!

(Also, I blogged about my first Erin's Ring book signing today over at String of Pearls, if you want to check it out!)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Book Signing at St. Mary's Church

This weekend, I will be signing copies of Erin's Ring, a YA novel about Irish immigrants and the impact they had on Dover, NH, after all the Masses at my parish church.  It seemed like the perfect weekend to do this, with St. Patty's Day just around the corner.   I will have a table in the church hall at St. Mary's in Dover (the church so prominently featured in the novel).

I've been working on ideas to make the table appealing, and here's what I have so far:
(I blogged more about this event over at String of Pearls today, and if you want you can read that post here.)

It's just a few hours until the anticipated Mass...and I'm getting nervous, but excited, too.  Please keep me in your prayers, won't you?