Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Special Christmas Offer for Mothers and Daughters

Check out this limited time offer on a mother-daughter Christmas package from Bezalel Books!  You can get Cheryl Dickow's inspirational novel for women, Elizabeth, a Holy Land Pilgrimage
and my newly released YA novel, Erin's Ring
for just $17.99 (with free shipping and handling!).  Both books can be enjoyed by women of all ages.  There are limited quantities of these special Christmas packages, so hurry on over to order now.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Erin's Ring is Now Available at Amazon!

I'm very excited to announce that Erin's Ring is now available for purchase.  My publisher Cheryl Dickow's enthusiasm for this Catholic YA novel is infectious.  Here is what she said of the book on her Amazon author's page:

"The latest publication from Bezalel Books is Erin's Ring by Laura H. Pearl.  Erin's Ring is a wonderful book on the Irish-Catholic heritage in the United States.  It is a story of love and perseverance and hope.  Erin's Ring is a Young Adult book that will surely be loved by readers of all ages!"
I am humbled and grateful to have endorsements for Erin's Ring already, from successful authors like Nancy Carabio Belanger, Rosemary McDunn, Amy M. Bennett, and Kay Murdy, and also from one of my favorite bloggers (Tiffany over at Life of a Catholic Librarian).  If you check out the page on Amazon, you can read what these wonderful ladies had to say.

If you've got a teen or pre-teen reader who likes a good love story, you might want to get a copy to wrap up and put under the tree for her this Christmas!  Just click on over to Amazon to order!  (You might want to get one for her mom and her grandma, too!)

Monday, November 24, 2014

My First Blog Post for The Write Stuff: In Which I Show You That I Have the Best Publisher Ever!

This is my first blog post for The Write Stuff, and I thought it was only fitting that I share with you a blog post by my excellent publisher, Cheryl Dickow of Bezalel Books.  Back in 2012, my first novel, Finding Grace, was published by her fine Catholic publishing company.  Then this past May, she approached me with an offer I couldn't refuse: she asked me to consider writing another YA novel for Bezalel.  (Actually, I almost did refuse this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime offer, out of fear of failure.  Why Cheryl had so much faith in me, I'll never know!  But God somehow inspired me to say "Yes!"  And I'm so glad He did!)

Here is a blog post which shows the enthusiasm Cheryl has had for my second novel, Erin's Ring, from day one.

Sometimes the Stars Really Do Line Up

When Laura Pearl first brought Finding Grace to Bezalel Books, I was impressed with her writing. At Bezalel Books, we don’t publish everything that comes our way—even if the author is willing to pick up the publishing costs. Rather, we read a sample chapter or two, a synopsis and then get a “feel” for the author’s passions and skills. Pretty much the Holy Spirit is part of everything and we are okay to say “no” if things don’t seem like a good fit.

Laura was a great fit.

Laura’s work at marketing and blogging and even entering the world of Twitter continued to impress me. Laura is the mother of five grown sons and I am the mother of three grown sons so there’s that, too. But I just continued to find her wit and insight to be inspiring. Every time I read a blog of hers I found myself smiling or laughing or in some way connecting with her spirit.

So it was that I began praying about approaching Laura to write a second book with one big difference: this one would be on our dime. We’d take the chance on her because what we saw in her first book and in her continued foray into the world of Catholic fiction really captured what we are about at Bezalel Books.

Needless to say, after months (literally) of praying, I approach Laura with the proposal for a second book. Knowing it took Laura years to write Finding Grace in between her duties as wife and mother, I also knew that I had a timeline in mind—as well as a smaller book. 

You can read Cheryl Dickow's blog post in full here.