Saturday, December 12, 2015

Book Talk

It's been a while since I posted here at The Write Stuff.  More than a month, in fact.  (String of Pearls is still my favorite child, I guess.  It's not okay to have them as a mother, but I think it's okay to have them as a blogger.)

Today I published a new post called "Bookishness," with some news about my Catholic YA novels, Erin's Ring and Finding Grace.  In it, I copied and pasted the latest Amazon review of ER, a five-star endorsement that made my heart sing.

I also posted a few pictures of my 8th-grade niece's school project, which was all about FG.
There's some talk about book promotion in the post, too, and how blogs can help a whole lot with that process...

Hey, instead of giving you tidbits, why don't I just give you a link to the post in full?  Yeah, that's it; that's what I'll do.

So just click on over, if you're interested in hearing more book talk.