Sunday, July 17, 2016

Talking about Erin's Ring with Allison Gingras

On July 15, I was honored to be a guest on Allison Gingras's "A Seeking Heart" radio program (a sort of online Catholic book club).  Allison kindly invited me on to talk about my second YA Catholic novel, Erin's Ring (published by Bezalel Books in 2014), a 2015 recipient of two book awards from the Catholic Press Association.

Before we discussed Erin's Ring, we covered lots of other topics--including our shared experience of having married our high school sweethearts!

Although very nervous beforehand (and hoping to find a way to chicken out and reschedule the interview for a later date!), I loved visiting with Allison.  She put me right at ease, and I wound up feeling as if I was chatting with an old friend over coffee.

If you missed the show and are interested in listening to it, here's the link to the podcast.

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