Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Erin's Ring is Now Available at Amazon!

I'm very excited to announce that Erin's Ring is now available for purchase.  My publisher Cheryl Dickow's enthusiasm for this Catholic YA novel is infectious.  Here is what she said of the book on her Amazon author's page:

"The latest publication from Bezalel Books is Erin's Ring by Laura H. Pearl.  Erin's Ring is a wonderful book on the Irish-Catholic heritage in the United States.  It is a story of love and perseverance and hope.  Erin's Ring is a Young Adult book that will surely be loved by readers of all ages!"
I am humbled and grateful to have endorsements for Erin's Ring already, from successful authors like Nancy Carabio Belanger, Rosemary McDunn, Amy M. Bennett, and Kay Murdy, and also from one of my favorite bloggers (Tiffany over at Life of a Catholic Librarian).  If you check out the page on Amazon, you can read what these wonderful ladies had to say.

If you've got a teen or pre-teen reader who likes a good love story, you might want to get a copy to wrap up and put under the tree for her this Christmas!  Just click on over to Amazon to order!  (You might want to get one for her mom and her grandma, too!)

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